Mar 092015

turning my boyfriend into a baby

This 30-minute MP3 was originally a custom recording I did for a great guy who sent me his script, and he agreed to allow me to sell it. Wasn’t that generous of him?

Your girlfriend insists it’s time for a little talk when you interrupt her, tearfully, to let her know you need a diaper change. Lovingly, but ever so firmly, she tells you that you need to be in diapers 24/7. Your feeble arguments are to no avail! After she gets you to agree, she goes ahead with your messy diaper change, cleaning you sensuously and putting lotion on you, which leads to some erotic bottom play–you may be a baby now (a baby wearing a butt plug) but you are still every bit her boyfriend! Finally it’s time for your nap and a bottle, a lullaby and then . . . your triumphant girlfriend calls a friend to tell her all about how you are now her baby–forever!

It is $30.00; only $1.00 per minute for your ABDL fantasy.

You can buy it through 

or directly from me using your major credit card. Please email me at if you would like to buy it that way.

Here’s a sample from the audio 🙂