Mar 092015

turning my boyfriend into a baby

This 30-minute MP3 was originally a custom recording I did for a great guy who sent me his script, and he agreed to allow me to sell it. Wasn’t that generous of him?

Your girlfriend insists it’s time for a little talk when you interrupt her, tearfully, to let her know you need a diaper change. Lovingly, but ever so firmly, she tells you that you need to be in diapers 24/7. Your feeble arguments are to no avail! After she gets you to agree, she goes ahead with your messy diaper change, cleaning you sensuously and putting lotion on you, which leads to some erotic bottom play–you may be a baby now (a baby wearing a butt plug) but you are still every bit her boyfriend! Finally it’s time for your nap and a bottle, a lullaby and then . . . your triumphant girlfriend calls a friend to tell her all about how you are now her baby–forever!

It is $30.00; only $1.00 per minute for your ABDL fantasy.

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or directly from me using your major credit card. Please email me at if you would like to buy it that way.

Here’s a sample from the audio 🙂

Oct 072014

abdl phone sexA couple days ago, one of my baby boys, Jamesie, gave me a call and I want to tell you all about our special chat together. He said, “Mommy Emma, I want to be a really good boy for you, and I’m gonna keep my diaper clean and I’m going to be a good boy!” He went on to tell me all about his day, about playing in the dirt and the mud, and seeing puppies, and then seeing his especially good friend Joey! He got so excited about his day, and telling me about it, that I noticed he was getting really squirmy . . . I asked if he needed to go to his potty chair, and then the horror flooded his face as his little pee-pee flooded his diaper. Too late for the potty now! Poor Jamesie put his hands over his crotch and burst into tears. “Please Mommy, I meant to be good, I really did, I just forgotted! It was uh accident!”

adult baby phone sexThen, just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, his little face turned even redder and he put his hands behind him on his bottom. The smell from his diaper left no doubt about what else was too late for the potty!

“Oh, Jamesie,” I said, “Look at what you’ve done! Now we’d better change you before you start to get a diaper rash.” I took him by the hand to the nursery where I put him on the changing table and took off his little pants. He was still crying when I undid his diaper and took it off, exclaiming how nasty it was. Then I reached for a nice, warm wet wipe and cleaned off his tummy, then his little pee-pee and bitty little plums, and finally . . . that nasty bottom!

What do you think I did next? Do you think I gave him a spanking before putting a fresh diaper on him? Or do you think I powdered his little bottom, put him in a fresh diaper, kissed away his tears, and sat down to let him nurse until he fell asleep? You’ll have to call me to find out . . .

Mommy Emma ~~~ 1-888-249-2374

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