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Hello playthings,

I am Goddess June and I am here to help you learn and grow.  I offer the strict but loving boundaries you need to safely explore your naughty self.  And any time you go too far or get confused, I will help you remember your place.

As a mothering phone Domme, I listen and pay attention and then I help you learn to be a good boy or good girl for me.  I teach you how to make Goddess happy!

Some of the tools and topics that interest me include…


Age regression hypnosis

Orgasm control

Sex education

Goddess worship or Smothering


Erotic humiliation

Guided masturbation

Ball busting


Feminization or Sissification


I prefer my little ones to be old enough to reason, so I am not the best choice for callers who want to be infants.

You will find much more information about me on my main website, EliteDomme.com.  And you are encouraged to ask questions in the comment section of this page.  I will always reply promptly.  Once you are sure, that we are a good match, give me a call!  I would love to learn more about you.

If you are over 18, you may reach me at 1-888-557-0355.


Talk to you soon, pets!





  4 Responses to “Goddess June”

  1. I never thought I would be posting a comment on a site dealing with Mama’s and adult babies. It is just not something that has ever interested me. Then Miss JUNE introduced me to age regression and sexual transformation and awakening via hypnosis. It has turned out to be some of, if not, the most sensual, sexually fulfilling experiences I have ever had. I will never pretend to understand hypnosis and how it works but it is simply amazing to me. I will keep the details of my young self and my sexual awakening to myself but realize there is much much more to this site and this topic than meets the eye. You should call one of the Mama’s. You will be taken on a journey you won’t soon forget.
    Thank you so much Aunt JUNE,

  2. Hi Mistress,

    I miss my Aunt JUNE, her lovely neighbors, especially one in particular. I also would like to see her friend Jim at the pool. Do you think this is possible Mistress?

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